Artwork Requirements


It is the clients responsibility to supply all artwork in the correct format which is Adobe Illustrator EPS (saved as outlines, PC format, version CS3 or less). If your company logo has specific PMS colours please provide these at the time of ordering to ensure you Logo is matched exactly.




Embroidered logos create a statement like no other. Embroidery adds value to any product or promotion. A traditional method of decorating products, embroidery stands the test of time due to it's effectiveness in enhancing logos.

Screen Print (Promotional Items)

This process is best used for a single or 2 colour logo for promotion items which can be easily applied to products with direct screening.  Decorating is achieved by pressing ink through a fine mesh screen, leaving a colour imprint on the fabric's surface. High visibility at a low cost!

Screen Print (Garment Items)

This process is can be done up to 6 colours. High visibility and low cost if ordering a large number of garments.

Plastisol Transfers

Multi-colour logos are applied to products through the use of transfers. Logos are first reverse-screened onto a paper like material. The complete logo is then applied to the fabric's surface with heat & pressure.

Digital Transfers

The new technology of digital transfers allows for the production of more detailed logos, or the reproduction of photo quality finishes. The images are printed directly onto the transfer and then applied to the fabric's surface with heat and pressure.

Laser Engraving

This new technology laser engraving involves a computer guided beam that "burns" an image and/tect onto a suitable surface.