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Welcome to FLiP Promotions Pty Ltd, one of the most innovative and proactive suppliers of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts. FLiP can offer a unique range of products to enhance your marketing campaigns, services and corporate identity and give you the real 'WOW' factor your company deserves.

We source quality products and incentives locally and direct from Asia and Europe to provide you with the cutting edge for your business.

FLiP works closely with all the leading suppliers to ensure all the latest products are available to you. This site is to be used as a guide only as it is impossible to illustrate all products available. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry, just complete the enquiry form and we’ll find it for you. Alternatively, let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll come up with the ideas.

Product & Indent Sourcing: FLiP is able to source nearly any product from around the world given the time and quantity. Dealing with Asia normally requires a lead time of 8 – 12 weeks but has huge financial advantages, which we pass directly onto our clients.


Branding Techniques & Artwork Specifications:


Artwork Approval: Artwork approval is absolutely critical and must be signed off for each job even if it’s a repeat order. Every job is proofed digitally and sent via email for approval prior to production.

Branding Options: There are many branding options available depending on the product to be branded. Always make sure when you choose an item that will complement your logo and company message. If you are unsure about how your logo or branding will appear feel free to ask us here at FLiP Promotions the best way possible to present your brand to your clients.

Pad Printing
Utilses a custom made pad to print up to 7 spot colours on hard products such as golf balls and plastic or metal products such as calculators. With soft products such as stress toys, only one colour is possible because of the difficulty to register the printing

Screen Printing
Used to print spot colour and 4 colour process on clothing & bags etc
Plastisol Printing
Plastisol transfers are used when fine detail is required on printing to material such as caps, clothing or bags.
Here the logo or message is woven onto the cap, clothing or bag. Branding cost increases with 'stitch count' or size of logo. The minimum text height for embroidery is 5mm. Please note embroidery is not as fine in detail as printing and each garment embroidered will be slightly different as the garments are embroidered on machines.
Decal Printing
Used on coffee mugs and glassware. A spot colour or 4 colour process decal is pre-printed, then fired onto the coffee mug or glass. Costs are specified for one side (half wrap decal) or two sides (full wrap decal).
Offset Printing
1-4 colour process printing on mouse mats, plus traditional printing of brochures and point of sale.
Laser Engraving
Fine engraving of logos into metal and some plastic products.
Embossing & debossing - The depression of an image into a material's surface so causing the image to sit below the product surface is a deboss. Impress an image in relief to achieve a raised surface is embossing. Items that are debossed and debossed are generally all leather related products

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